About us

A+ Conseils is a public relations agency based in Paris. It has been founded in 2008 by Christelle Alamichel. In 2016, Christelle Alamichel joined Boury, Tallon, & Associés, a lobbying firm, which works closely with A+ Conseils.

A+ Conseils’ work is centered on four areas of expertise: 

Listen and advise you: First of all, the conception of a communication strategy requires a comprehensive understanding of the stakes and the environment in which you evolve. 

Gather and foster dialogue in order to convince: We are committed to meet our clients’ requests, organizing meetings with political, economic, and institutional leaders being one of them. These meetings aim to gather decision maker around our clients’ standpoint.

Staging information: We are convinced that setting up a strong and convincing argumentation is fundamental. However, it will reach its goal only if the form it takes is relevant. Our team has extensive skills in staging information, which includes using a wide range of tools such as press releases, activity reports, platforms, videos, surveys, or social media communication.

Highlighting: Our goal is to “create the event” by bringing public together around an information. This is made by possible by organizing press conferences, symposia, and round tables to make sure your communication gets the widest resonance.

Our team is composed of several consultants, all committed to find the strategy and the tools that will suit you best. They have an important experience in communication strategy, in both regional, national, and international level.

Clients from a very wide range of line of business have called on us to assist them, including firms from the energy, finance, health, and housing sectors. They have all recognized the quality and the relevance of A+ Conseils’ consultancy for matters of strategic and brand communication.

A+ Conseils will assist you on every aspect of your online reputation. Our services include brand positioning, crisis management, corporate communication, and media training. We mainly focus on the press of all types to convey the messages of our clients : national, regional, specialized, professional, etc. We offer several solutions of media training to help you deliver your message efficiently in all types of media (press, television, etc)

By organizing meetings, conferences, or roundtables with experts and personalities from the political, economic, or cultural landscape, we actively help you to increase your influence an your exposure.